1. More than 15 years in the business allows us to offer a truly integrated sales and marketing representation across some of the main

    markets in Latin America, working directly with the trade and the consumer audience in an efficient and reliable way.

  2. We know the countries where we work and we are acquaintance with the travelers and their needs.

  3. We know the Travel distribution chain in deep, the clients, their managers and executives….and they trust us.

  4. We are able to adapt the needs of the product to the Latin American market.

    We like what we do and more important, we love to travel!





    Francisca Vargas

    Latinreps was founded by Francisca Vargas, a Chilean marketing specialist, with more than 15 years of experience in Marketing and Sales in the Travel Industry. Francisca graduated from Tourist Resources Planning and Management with an MBA Executive in Marketing and a double degree in Fabra University, Barcelona. She started her professional career in some of the most important Chilean DMC´s on sales and developing products, for both, Chile and Argentina. As part of her experience she has participated in the developmental area of two adventure lodges, worked in the commercial area of renowned hotels in Chilean Patagonia, and in the most iconic ski resort in South America, Ski Portillo. As a travel, nature, and culture lover, Francisca has traveled extensively around the world, and studied in Canada and Barcelona.




    Tharsis Andrade

    Tharsis Andrade has worked for over 30 years in the Travel Industry. All started with her studies to become a tourism technician in Chile and she graduated with maximum distinction. She has developed her career in different areas of tourism; working in the most important outbound and inbound DMC’s. She has always stood out because of her commercial, communication and social skills which led her to organize incentive groups and cruises in Chile and abroad. She was also the main developer of an entrepreneur’s tourism company called “La Bicicleta Verde”; one of the first companies aimed by a sustainable concept of doing tourism. As a sales and product manager, Tharsis developed vast experience on positioning and commercializing products in different and specific markets. She declares herself as a Travel lover and she considers that the best state of a human is: TRAVELING.